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Markt&Twigs is Bringing Creativity Back to Denim

Unknown-3-700x500When someone spends much of their career learning each part of the denim industry intimately—from mills to tech to brands to marketing—it’s no wonder they’re able to offer the kind of consulting denim brands crave. That’s the story behind Michelle Branch, founder of creative firm Markt&Twigs..... Read More at carvedinblue.lenzing-fibers

4 Indian denim mills strategically ready to enter Vietnam


Vietnam, world’s third largest apparel exporting country, targeting to achieve US $ 50 billion by 2020 and currently at US $ 31 billion, is a growing opportunity for Indian denim mills, yet many issues still pose a challenge. Language, logistics, and duty for domestic consumption, are established challenges..... Read More at apparelresources

Pakistan grows 20.50% in denim apparel exports to the US

Pakistan, one of the promising denim suppliers to the world, escalated its denim apparel exports to the USA during January to May 2018 period. According to the latest figures released by OTEXA and analysed by Apparel Resources, Pakistan grew 20.50 per cent on the yearly note and exported... Read More at apparelresources

Jack acquires Italian jean automation pioneer ViBeMac

In yet another accomplishment, Jack Sewing Machine Co., a leading Chinese sewing technology provider, recently acquired Italian jeans automation company ViBeMac SPA. The official signing ceremony was organized in San Giovanni Lupatoto City Hall, Verona, Italy on July 3, 2018 which... Read More at apparelresources

Denim May Have a Brand New Manual for Sustainability

shutterstock 1036702129

Disposable fashion has been taking its toll on the planet, though efforts toward improving sustainability continue to ramp up as more companies—and consumers—show greater concern. In her own effort to ramp up sustainability in the denim sector specifically, fashion journalist Paulina Szmydke-Cacciapalle released a new book, “Making Jeans Green,” which she hopes will become a sustainability manual for the denim industry.... Read More at sourcingjournal

Bestseller’s Only Brand Launches Black Forever Denim by Soorty

Delivering a mix of innovation, craftsmanship and expertise to consumers in the BLACK FOREVER collection, a new vision has arrived for denim. In the collaboration with LENZING™ Modal Black,  Soorty and ONLY take the brand’s DNA to a next level.  Now the launch of ecological denim utilizing new fashionable and sustainable solutions is available in a variety of applications – jeans, skirts, tops... Read More at carvedinblue.lenzing-fibers

Success! 8th Bangladesh Denim Expo – Re-Cap

The 8th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo, which took place on the 9th and 10th of May, 2018, at International Convention Center, Bashundhara in Dhaka was a huge success. The response of buyers, retailers, and local manufacturers was impresive. During the expo, global apparel buyers and retailers praised Bangladesh’s progress in denim industry, especially the introduction of technology.... Read More at denimology

Denim exports to US rise 9.55pc

Being the third largest denim exporter to the US, Bangladesh’s denim exports to the US market saw a 9.55 percent growth in 2017 compared to the same period a year ago. The country’s export income from denim products soared to $507.92 million in 2017 from $463.61 million in 2016, official... Read More at daily-sun

US jeans retailers revamping their denim business

tommy-hilfiger 1

America’s biggest fashion retailers including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein are now looking at a revival of blue jeans while losing out to athleisure wear which has overpowered jeans in recent times. The US Census Bureau recently... Read More at fashionatingworld

Denim Transparency Takes Center Stage at Kingpins Transformers

Denim Transparency Takes Center Stage at Kingpins Transformers
As product accountability takes the driver’s seat now more than ever, Kingpins Transformers is equipping industry members with events, expertise and tools to help them advance supply chain transparency. This Spring.. Read More at carvedinblue.lenzing-fibers

Belgian jeans is "most sustainable in the world'

Antwerp entrepreneur Tom Duhoux has revealed his own denim brand called HNST and it presents itself as the world’s most sustainable jeans brand. Save 6,000 liters of water per jeans The collection of 8 different designs.. Read More at retaildetail

That’s Massive! Pakistan denim exports to US climbs 36.52%


midst plummeting textile and apparel exports, Pakistan noted a massive surge in its denim trouser exports to the US during January to February 2018 period. The country marked a staggering 36.52 per cent growth on the Year... Read More at apparelresources

Demand for Prosperity Textiles Denim is Up and Rising

In its 23 years as a fabric producer, China-based Prosperity Textile has more than lived up to the literal meaning of its moniker. The denim fabric manufacturer, Prosperity Textile,  is a “successful and thriving” industry leader... Read More at carvedinblue.lenzing-fibers

Levi's is suing Chinese companies for trademark infringement...

Levis is suing Chinese

Levi Strauss & Co is suing two companies in China over trademark infringement for using its iconic double arch on jeans. The company is seeking the destruction of the products and $47,000 in damages. The lawsuit... Read More at businessinsider

Levi’s working towards a green manufacturing model

Levis working towards a green manufacturing
While Levi’s has been moving towards sustainability in manufacturing denim, the company finds it hard to live up to expectations. For example, a team of designers takes weeks to figure out exactly where to fade the indigo... Read More at fashionatingworld

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Levi Strauss CFO says trade war could tarnish American brands around the world

The new 25 percent tariffs in place on American jeans by the European Union and a trade war with China.... Read More at cnbc

Made in Vietnam’ denim apparels continue to rule US market

Vietnam is on the rise in denim exports to its biggest market, the USA. During January to May 2018 period.... Read More at apparelresources

Style up your boyfriend jeans in smart ways

Boyfriend jeans is one fashion trend that effortlessly blur the lines between classy and funky. A far cry from... Read More at business-standard

Turkish denim mill Orta Anadolu launches Zeromax

Turkish denim mill Orta Anadolu has launched Zeromax from the company’s fabric segment. The fabric offers... Read More at fashionatingworld

Bangladesh denim apparel exports up by 20.52 per cent in Jan-May ’18

Bangladesh, one of the leading exporters of denim apparels in the world, witnessed a rise in its denim... Read More at apparelresources

Monforts offers Eco Line for denim finishing

Monforts supplies finishing range for the denim industry. Monforts’ Eco Line for denim is based on two key ... Read More at fashionatingworld

Levi Strauss revenues up 17 per cent in Q2

For the Q2 Levi Strauss revenues rose 17 per cent. The San Francisco-based company delivered.... Read More at fashionatingworld

‘Denims and jeans’ will take lead in Vietnam apparel industry

Targeting export of US $ 50 billion by 2020, Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry is fully geared... Read More at apparelresources

Denim show in Vietnam

The summer of 2018 will witness international denim show in Vietnam, the third edition of Denimsandjeans... Read More at fashionatingworld

Levi’s Enhances San Francisco Flagship with Transparent LED Screens

Denim is hitting the big screen. Levi’s teamed up with longtime digital media partner Reflect, to install... Read More at sourcingjournal

Lenzing and Jeanologia produce capsule denim collection

Lenzing and Jeanologia have collaborated to produce a capsule collection called Blues & Hues... Read More at fashionatingworld

Cordura launches SuperCharged Noir performance denim

Cordura, Tencel and Artistic Milliners are together debuting a new SuperCharged Noir performance denim collection... Read More at fashionatingworld

US men’s jeans imports up six per cent

From January to February 2018, China, Mexico and Bangladesh were the top three denim exporters... Read More at fashionatingworld

American-Made Selvedge Denim Is Dead, Long Live...

America’s last selvedge denim factory has closed, but brands are still cashing in. In October of last... Read More at gq

Isko develops selvedge

Denim manufacturer Isko has produced a new version of selvedge by combining pure craftsmanship... Read More at fashionatingworld

Wrangler Turns to Sustainable Farming to Cultivate...

For Wrangler, sustainable farming is helping to drive a more sustainable supply chain for its denim... Read More at fashionatingworld

Levi Strauss net revenues up 22 per cent

For Q1 Levi Strauss’ net revenues increased 22 per cent on a reported basis and 16 per cent in favorable.... Read More at fashionatingworld

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